Feast your eyes on a real deal Shelby GT350H Hertz 4 Speed, black with gold stripes, a real California car in unmolested original condition. This car has been with its owner since the early 70s and only has a little over 82,000 miles. He bought it from Beverly Hills Mustang who is believed to have bought it directly from Beverly Hills Hertz. We have done nothing but dusted some of the cobwebs off it and pumped up the tires. The engine runs but we have not driven it.

We have gone to the trouble to verify that this weekend racer was not born an automatic that had been changed to a 4 speed. We have had it on a lift and had an expert verify that nothing has been altered in the drive-train, engine compartment or surrounding sheet metal (we have photos if required). We know the lineage of this horse so no need for you do to any forensics. But feel free, you will wind up with the same conclusion, this filly is the real deal!

We are all familiar with the Shelby GT350 legacy and many of us know that Hertz ordered 1,000 (936 were supplied) from Shelby American in Venice, CA in 1966 to supply young car enthusiasts a “Rent a Racer” on the weekends.  The plan was to outfit the majority of these 306 HP motors with a 4 speed transmissions. Best laid plans, these weekend wanna be race car drivers were thrashing the manual transmissions and so many wound up in the repair shop early on. As a result, Hertz changed its mind and only ordered 88 of the these GT350H Rent a Racers with manual transmission. This is one was one of those 88 and was ordered and received by Beverly Hills Hertz.  And yes we have the owner’s manual from Hertz and they performed the first service on this car in January of 1967.

The only question is will you give it a tune-up and enjoy it at a vintage race as is or are you compelled to do a rotisserie restoration and trailer her to the Concourse in your area?







Hi Po 289



4 Speed


Body Type





Mustang Shelby GT350H

Exterior Color

Black with Gold Stripes

Interior Color



Cool Shelby Stuff like the Shelby Tachometer







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