Storage & Services

Dedicated car storage is our specialty! We also partner with like-minded local businesses to keep your cars gleaming, purring, and available for your enjoyment with just 24 hours’ notice. We also provide assistance in many related areas such as appraisals, vehicle collection management and storage startup.

Indoor Concierge Car Storage

We provide a safe, secure, and virtually dust-free indoor storage for customers’ cars as our warehouse is fitted with the latest high-tech security including 24×7 video monitoring. Car batteries are kept fresh as they are kept on industry-standard battery tenders or ones you provide, making sure your car is ready to go when you pick it up. 

Locked and Gated Outdoor Storage

Our gated and locked outdoor car storage solutions are highly safe and secure, ideal for customers that are comfortable storing their vehicle outside with/ without a cover. If you require a secure place for a project car, small trailer, camper, or 5th wheel, this is the ideal place for you. We also have 24×7 video monitoring of vehicles stored in this area.

Auto Care and Appraisal Services

Need a hand car wash or a detail? We do those on site with some of the best detailers in the business! Additionally, we will start your vehicle or drive it (for a nominal monthly fee) as prescribed to keep the vehicle trouble-free. We can also provide current a market appraisal of your car’s value.

Consulting Services

Contact us about large vehicle collection management and Car Storage Startups.

Need a secure place to store your classic or exotic car or assistance with collection management? Contact us today!