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We are focused on finding a happy motoring home for your investment grade exotic or classic car or motorcycle.

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At So Cal Classic Car Storage, we take a unique, professional approach to consigning our customers’ cars. We see ourselves as matchmakers, searching for that one person who absolutely has to have a particular vehicle in their collection. Our sales team are true professionals: educated and possessing extensive years of experience in owning, building, maintaining, and selling cars.

How Car Consignment Works

By selling your car with us, you get a partner who will do everything for you from start to finish:Your job is to sit back and leave it to us to find a new home for your car.

Research:Top Dollar at the Best Listing Price

When someone chooses to be our car consignment customer with us, the first step we take is to use our resources and expertise to see what the market is demanding for the car based on its model, year, condition, and specs.  We do this through extensive internet research, combing through price guides, and auction analysis. All of this is done to ensure top dollar for your car while getting the car to sell swiftly.

Valuation is primarily impacted by scarcity, demand, condition, and mileage.

Sell at Your Price

Once our research is concluded, we go back to the prospective client with our recommended listing price. No pressure here: we will work with you on the pricing strategy, and we will not list the car without your approval.

Pictures: Your Car At Its Best

Upon approval of the listing price, we get to work on making your car look amazing for in-person showings and digital listings. First, we will use our expert car wash service to provide a complementary, ion-free hand wash. If further cleaning is needed, we will detail the vehicle (for an additional fee).

When your car looks showroom-ready, we will take a plethora of professional-quality photos to post on web listings. They will show off the best of your car, attracting the highest quality of buyers.

High-Quality Ad Copy for Web Listing

With the pictures ready to go, our staff will write up descriptive ad copy that is customized for your vehicle. This makes it not only attractive for prospective buyers, but more importantly, optimized for major search engines such as google, ensuring your consigned car gets in front of the target market.

The ad copy will then go on our preferred websites: Ebay, Craigslist, Bring A Trailer, etc.

Handling the Scammers

Let’s face it: the worst part about selling your car is dealing with the people who call or text in an attempt to scam you out of your car, your money, or your personal information. Our car consignment experts at So Cal Classic Car Storage know all the tricks of the scammers and know how to  handle them. In fact, we are so good at handling these swindlers, that they stay away when they see our name!

Maintaining Your Privacy

One of the main reasons our car consignment customers come to us is to keep their privacy while selling their car. They do not want strangers calling them, texting them, or visiting their house. At SCCCS, we handle all the inquiries (directing them our number and facility) so your privacy remains private.

We Handle It All: Negotiation, Paperwork, and Pick-up

At the end of the car consignment process, SCCCS handles everything for you: the negotiating on price, the money transaction, the bill of sale, the transfer of title, and the pickup arrangements. All you have to do is approve the sale price and that’s it. Your car is sold.

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