As a provider of car storage in Orange County, we often get asked the question: what is the return on investment (ROI) for storing a vehicle at a place like So Cal Classic Car Storage here in Orange County? Typically, there is no ROI; but actually this is the wrong way of thinking about it.

For there to be a ROI, a car would need to appreciate rapidly– a standard which very few cars, like rare and high-performance vehicles, meet. Instead, I encourage prospective clients to think about our services as “Investment Protection.” This means protecting your investment-grade asset from losing value caused by damage, accidents, weather, and other risk factors that come from other storage options.

If your vehicle is collectable, rare, antique, or high-value then you need to think about how well it will be protected. In places such as our tailor-made car storage facility in Orange County, you will find cutting-edge security features, giving you peace-of-mind knowing your car is safe and secure. You can also be confident that there is nothing else going on here except vehicle storage. Finally, you can trust that your car is ready to go when you pick it up as vehicle storage places like ours keep car batteries constantly tended.

This is considerably much safer for your investment-grade car than the home garage environment–or even worse, the weather of driveway. There, you will find a high-likelihood of car-damaging activities such as car repairs, storage of items such as sporting equipment, children playing, laundry, and things being carried in and out of the house. The value of an asset can be adversely affected by such a scratch, ding, or damaged fender (not to mention the additional cost of repairing these blemishes).

As you can see, storing your car with car storage professionals such as So Cal Classic Car Storage \ is worth the investment–not because it contributes to increased ROI on the car, but prevents it from losing value.

Therefore, investment protection is peace-of-mind. That is money well spent.